Aishwarya Kala


Aishwarya is an Oracle ACE working with Pythian and has spent a significant part of the last decade working with, exploring, migrating, upgrading and having fun with Oracle Databases and related technologies.

She is a regular speaker across various Oracle User Groups in India & has presented at Oracle Groundbreakers Tour – EMEA/APAC (Virtually) & OGYatra; Sangam, SvOUG, AIOUG.

A constant contributor to the Oracle Community via her blogs, she is also on the Board of Directors for AIOUG and leads the Pune Chapter for AIOUG.

Always keen to learn, discuss and explore new technologies – she is a certified professional and an uncertified database sleuth.

During Contech2022, Aishwarya Kala will present Defence against the Dark Arts – Spell’s for DBA’s to secure databases

Defence against the Dark Arts – Spell’s for DBA’s to secure databases – Abstract:

The spell has been cast, and the evil forces are lurking in the shadows, but are you ready for a fight? Hop on to join Dumbledore’s DB Army as we learn to brew our security potions, practice database safety duels & put on our kevlar.

In this era of “cyber-espionage”, where network security steals the prime focus on every organization, database security is often overlooked. Like in any battle, let’s spend some time & understanding the battlefield and common database vulnerabilities. During this session, we will look at some elementary instruments, e.g. listeners, security patches, database roles, privileges, users, and audits- that a DBA can use to build a strong shield around the databases. Along with this, we will glance at various tools that can be leveraged to assess & detect threats. Let us also explore best practices that can help us conduct forensics in case of an incident. So, if you want to learn the various “low-hanging fruits” that can give you a quick win or delve into more complex solutions, this session is most certainly for you!