Julian Dontcheff


Julian Dontcheff is the Global Database Lead of Accenture and has more than 30 years of database experience. He is the first Oracle Certified Master in Europe (back in 2002) and he is also an Oracle ACE Director.

At Contech2022 Julian will present Migrating out from the Oracle Database: are you serious?

Migrating out from the Oracle Database: are you serious?

Being involved in dozens of discussions with global clients over the past years, the topic of migrating off the Oracle database has been discussed quite often. In all cases however, all has been left on that level – discussions only for the following 3 reasons: (1) the Oracle database has no replacement for mission and business critical systems with its numerous capabilities which still make it the #1 most popular database; (2) specialized databases are not an option to migrate to as specialized databases are incomplete, lack features and developers must focus primarily on integration instead of innovation; and (3) performance and TCO for the Oracle database simply does not have an equivalent in today’s IT world. The presentation covers in detail the reasons to stay with the Oracle database and the problems and issues that will arise otherwise.