Lino Schildenfeld


Lino is an Oracle APEX consultant (Skillbuilders) with 15+ years of experience who has worked with clients in Europe, USA, Asia, Australia and New Zealand across all sectors.

He contributes to local OUG as AUSOUG committee board member, Connect conference content chair and webinar organizer.

Frequent speaker at KSCOPE, APEX Connect, APEX World, APEX ALPE Adria, UKOUG, EMEA & APAC Groundbreakers events. APEX blogger, ORCLAPEX-NZ meetup organizer and Oracle ACE.

During Contech2022 Lino Schildenfeld will present Cypress vs Ghost Inspector – APEX automated testing

Cypress vs Ghost Inspector – APEX automated testingAbstract:
We build apps but we all struggle with testing. How hard can it be to get automated UI testing going? We developers should be the first line of automated testing. Join me for this session where we will get insight how difficult it is to incorporate tools like Cypress.io and Ghost Inspector into your everyday development life-cycles.

We will compare features of these two tools; and how hard it is to install, run and use them with APEX. Aimed at audience of all levels