Timur Akhmadeev

Timur has worked as a Performance Engineer and then Performance Architect for many years helping customers to achieve their performance requirements with enterprise applications. He is an Oracle Apps Database Consultant with Pythian helping clients to get stability and performance with their Databases and Middleware.

Timur blogs irregularly at http://timurakhmadeev.wordpress.com and http://www.pythian.com/blog/author/akhmadeev.

He is an OakTable member since 2010.

Twitter handle: @tmmdv

During Contech2022, Timur Akhmadeev will present Patching with Ansible: What worked, What didn’t work, and Why

Over the last few years we’ve been automating parts of the regular security patching of a bunch of FMW installs, and then 19c DBs. The code covers ~90% of the regular tasks. I’ll cover the past experiences, some history, and issues faced during development, and actual use of the patching playbooks.